Saturday, July 27, 2013

Online Classes for IADR members

I don't have the schedule posted yet for the classes at International Art Doll Registry, but there will be several yet this year. I will have that schedule ready in August for the launch of the classes in September!
Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello there, and welcome to my Online Class Blog. Here is where you will find the current information about my classes and what's scheduled in the near future. At this time, here is what I have on the Calender!

Classes at A for Artistic
September-December 2013 

September 5th  Detail Painting your Sculptures  3/40.00 
This class will cover both Genesis Heat Set paints as well as acrylic paint so you will be able to try both.

September 19th  Sculpting a Mermaid  4/55.00 
In this class, learn to sculpt a mermaid as she appears to float over a large conch shell. A rock could also be used.

October 17th Swarovski rhinestone and crystal Tiara  2/35.00 
Learn how to make a delicate and beautiful teeny tiny tiara! A perfect accessory for your doll \

October 31st  Filigree Fantasy Wings  2/35.00 
This is a Just for Fun class- where you will learn new tips and techniques to make beautiful, fancy wings!

November 5th  Sculpting the Female Form series will begin! 
Starting with Sculpting the Female Face, 4/65.00. This series includes 5 separate classes, including at least 3 sessions per class, most have 4. The total series is over 300 pages of instruction, including hundreds of photos and illustrations for reference.

November 7th  Heaven Sent Angel 3/40.00 
This is another beginner level class to help you get familiar with the basics of polymer clay sculpting.

November 14th  Fairy Godmother  5/65.00 
How much fun would it be to have your very own Fairy Godmother? Well here is your chance to create a sweet, whimsical elder fae, learn to sculpt a more mature body. She is a full body sculpt.  Accessories, costuming and wings are included in this class.