Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I have my teaching schedule set for the new year! 
I will keep this site updated now that I know when (and where) the classes will be held, along with prices, etc. so please do check back often.

Right now, on International Art Doll Registry: (These classes are only available to members, but don't let that stop you! Membership is only 39.00 a year and provides many other features also.) 
International Art Doll Registry
Click on the Classes Tab for additional information.

Filigree Wings
2 Sessions for 25.00  Begins January 5th.

"Wisp", a poseable Dragonfly Fairy
5 Sessions for 50.00, Class starts February 2nd


Merry Fairy Godmother! 
6 Sessions for 50.00 Class begins on March 2nd

Sculpting the Female Form Series 

This class is a series class consisting of 5 sections, Armature, Faces, Torso, Arms and Hands, Legs and Feet. The full series is 200.00 but take all 5 for 175.00. 
This class begins March 5th and will continue through May. 

These classes are offered at a considerable discount to members, so consider joining us at IADR!